Shawnee police don’t think race involved in attack on girl; family disagrees, calling for justice


SHAWNEE, Kan. — An incident report from the Shawnee Police Department says they do not think an attack last Friday on an 11-year-old Kansas City, Kansas girl had anything to do with race.

But Nevaeh Thomas’ family believes differently.

“All I wanted to say about this is that we need to stop hate racism. It’s wrong and it’s wrong to hurt people with words and weapons,” Thomas said.

Nevaeh Thomas is recovering after a 12-year-old boy hit her with a pole Aug. 28 at Park 67 Apartments in Shawnee.

She said it all started outside when she was playing with her friends. A boy allegedly started yelling racial slurs at them while holding a knife.

That’s when she said, “My black is beautiful.”

Nevaeh said the boy went back to an apartment, got a pole and hit her in the head. Other kids at the apartment complex heard the commotion.

“I was in my house. I just saw a group of people outside and a couple of police officers. It worried me, I didn’t know what was really happening,” Kailah Espy said.

The boy is charged with aggravated battery and is on house arrest. Neveah’s family members and pastor said they hope he’s convicted.

“We want equality. We want some things to happen in the justice system that are not equal to those who are black and brown,” Rev. Terry Bradshaw Jr. said.

As for Nevaeh, she wants others to learn from the situation.

“It’s OK if we’re different or we have different opinions. But it’s not OK to hate and judge each other on the color and their skin,” Nevaeh said.

FOX4 reached out to Shawnee police and the district attorney for more information on this case. They said they cannot give us any updates because there are minors involved.



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