SHAWNEE, Kan. — For weeks, some Shawnee residents can’t get the trash picked up. Now, they’re fed up and looking for a solution.

Calls to FOX4 Problem Solvers came after multiple failed attempts to reach the trash company.

This isn’t the first time FOX4 has told you about Republic Services, but this time, neighbors on the Kansas side say the garbage is out of hand.

“This is an embarrassment, it’s a public hazard, it’s horrible, it’s disgusting,” Adriana Grabowski said.

In the last two months the Grabowski’s tell FOX4 Republic Services has only picked up their trash twice.

“It started where instead of picking up on Monday’s like they were supposed to, they pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then this summer it started becoming once every two weeks, then once every three weeks,” Adriana said.

They’ve both emailed and called multiple times a day for months. They were even told to put the excess trash that couldn’t fit in the bin out.

When the trash truck came Monday, they cleared one bin and left everything else in the middle of the road. Forcing this couple to shovel the trash back into a pile.

Sadly, they aren’t alone. Chase Hanson’s trash is also piled up.

“There has been issues with the trash service with Republic Service coming to get my trash. I would have to put it in my garage because my dumpster would be overflowing, and I mean with two dogs it’s easy for them to get in that,” Hanson said.

When you call the customer service line, they acknowledge they are having delays, but promise service in 24/48 hours and that’s just not happening.

FOX4 first told you about problems people were having with Republic Services in 2021. That time on the Missouri side.

FOX4 was able to track down a class action lawsuit filed against this same company in Indiana less than a month ago for missed pickups.

FOX4 asked Matthew Grabowski what his message to the company is.

“Do your job. We prepay them. They’re paid to do this and they’re not doing it,” Matthew said.

The Grabowski’s are moving by weeks end and can’t leave all the trash, so they plan on paying someone to come get it because the company they’ve already paid, isn’t getting the job done.

FOX4 reached out by phone and have emailed two separate representatives for Republic Services and have not heard back.

The company is also contracted to pick up trash in Prairie Village. This year alone the city has fined them $7,000 for not delivering what they promised.

The city says in part “at the end of the day, what matters is that Republic Services has not been meeting the expectations of the contract.”