SHAWNEE, Kan. — As new development continues to occur in Shawnee, city leaders are looking ahead to plan for future traffic needs. 

On Monday the Shawnee City Council voted to award a $77,580 contract to Olsson Associates to develop a traffic study along K-7. 

The K-7 Corridor Traffic Study area will include the entire K-7 corridor from the northern city limits to 83rd Street. The study area will stretch from just beyond Woodland Drive west toward the Kansas River. 

“We’ve actually expanded the original scope to include both sides of K-7. I think we are going to get more of a comprehensive view of this,” Councilmember Eric Jenkins said. “I think it’s going to provide some very valuable information to us as we move ahead with the new developments.” 

Olsson will be tasked with collecting traffic data at key intersections to develop a travel demand model for the project area. That model will then be presented at a public open house, and Olsson will work to collect resident feedback on the model. 

Afterward, the company will create three additional models to display: existing traffic with known developments, a model showing full development build-out and a model depicting a long range transportation plan that includes information on traffic growth across the entire metro. 

Once the models are complete, Olsson will create a list of suggested improvements needed on all major roads within the study area. That list will provide city staff with background information to determine when infrastructure upgrades are needed as development occurs.

Any future road improvements would require additional approval from the city council before work could begin. Olsson anticipates it will take approximately four months to complete the project.