Shawnee woman wants police to arrest suspects who pistol whipped victim, endangered neighborhood

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- A young woman was severely beaten, pistol whipped and left for dead in the middle of a Shawnee street. It happened around 11 p.m. Thursday night in the 5200 block of Barton Drive.

Billie Reese has two daughters of her own, but has been a mom to countless others. Those actions have not come without concern from her neighbors.

"I have very strict rules and they get a little rambunctious and we've had issues you know over the years, but for the most part we've never had anything serious until last night," said Reese.

Thursday night, a bunch of young people were at her house playing games. One of the young men she's had staying with her for a while had his girlfriend over. Around 11 p.m., the girlfriend went outside and was talking to two people parked in a car on the street. The next thing she knew, her daughter started yelling because her roommate's girlfriend was being brutally beaten.

"She just ran right in to the middle of it to try to help the girl. As soon as the kids got to the yard -- I guess it freaked out the guy that was with the girl who was beating the girl and he just started shooting," Reese said.

The first two shots woke Billie up. She heard three or four more shots as she ran to the door. One of those bullets pierced her neighbor's siding. When Billie got to her front porch, the dark brown Honda was speeding off.

"I've allowed risk into my home and into our neighborhood and that was not my intentions or what my purpose was. It was to help these kids that no one else wanted and to give them a chance," said Reese.

Billie says shed only met the young woman who was attacked a couple of times before. She's never met the girl and guy who pulled up in front of her home, repeatedly beat that young woman up, pistol whipped her, and left her for dead, bloody in the street.

"I'm really sorry that the choices I've made to try to help people have brought danger to other people that didn't have a choice, and I never intended that. I never did," said Reese.

She is just grateful the victim wasn't shot and no one else got hurt. And now, Billie wants those responsible for bringing danger to her neighborhood to get caught or turn themselves in.

"There are consequences and they need to be held accountable for sure," Reese said.

Shawnee Police are investigating the case. So far, no arrests have been made. The victim's identity is not being released yet, but her injuries are considered non-life threatening.

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