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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s no doubt our MVP has taken Kansas City by storm.

But a Raymore man wanted to explain how the ladies of Chiefs Kingdom have particularly taken to QB Patrick Mahomes. So he made a pretty impressive music video to the tune of a country song from another star who’s played in Arrowhead, too.

That’s right, they took Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” and put a unique KC twist on it.

And now, the Arrowhead Guys’ homemade video is going viral.

“Making it ‘She thinks my Patrick’s sexy,'” executive producer Anthony Stratton said, “I was just like, ‘That would go over well.'”

He was right. The video has nearly 50,000 views on YouTube already.

Stratton thought up the idea at training camp in August, and he finally huddled this team together to do it.

“We were basically just waiting for them to beat the Patriots, and then we could release it,” Stratton said.

“We have quality musicians, quality singers and quality editors,” lyrical genius Dave Friedman said.

Friedman came up with the lyrics in two weeks, noting that his wife was a big inspiration. She was also a star in the video.

“There was no acting,” Friedman said.

“Yeah, there was no acting. We were just like, ‘Hey, we’re just going to play some shots on TV of this guy, and we want you to just react normally,” Stratton agreed.

And when asked if they think Patrick’s sexy, unsurprisingly, these guys had some pretty funny responses.

“I’m not gonna lie, he’s better lookin’ than I am,” Stratton said laughing. “He’s better looking thank anyone on this couch except for maybe Jared.”

Jared is the musician. It didn’t take long before he and vocalist AJ Cronk, who just met Thursday, to break out their Mahomes headbands and guitar.

“It’s really about tying people together in real life,” Stratton said.

They love sharing their passion for Mahomes and Chiefs football.

“I’ve been waiting a lifetime to watch you play football,” Stratton said. “You are a breath of fresh air for this team.”

If you’d like to download this song and bump it at your next Chiefs tailgate — maybe this Sunday against the Broncos, click/tap here.