‘She was forced’: Neighbor says she saw Independence woman taken in middle of the night


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — In Independence, a neighbor says she saw a woman abducted in the middle of the night Sunday.

Independence Police say 20-year-old Jaiden Allinder was taken early Sunday morning.

Friends, family, and neighbors are all concerned for Jaiden’s safety. Her neighbor said they heard screaming and saw Allinder forced into a large white lifted truck. She is praying Allinder makes it home for Christmas with her family.

Their normally quiet street was filled with screams early Sunday morning.

“She was telling him to stop – to please stop, stop yelling. Please be quiet. Just stop yelling, he was very hostile with her,” Allinder’s neighbor said.

Police say Allinder was taken from her home near S. Powahtan Court & E 78 Highway. Her neighbor didn’t want to show her face or share her name for her own safety because she says Allinder is definitely in danger.

“She was forced. She didn’t leave on her own terms,” the neighbor said.

Investigators believe she was taken by 33-year-old Pedro “Rico” Jurado. He’s described as a six-foot-tall Hispanic man with someone’s name tattooed on his neck.

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Her neighbor says at 4 a.m. Tuesday, three men brought Allinder home to get some of her things, and she was being controlled. The barking of dogs woke them up to find her trying to get into her house.

“She would not even talk to us. I tried asking her questions and the guy was responding to the questions, and that was not normal because she always says hi,” the neighbor said.

Fay Love is one of Allinder’s best friends. She says she’s never heard of anyone named Pedro or Rico and doesn’t believe this is someone Allinder has known for long. She says she is sick with grief and is praying Jaiden is found safe.

“Please, please let her come home. She needs to come home. There’s no reason for this. She didn’t do anything to anybody,” Love said.

“We don’t know what she’s going through but we’re all here fighting to make sure she comes home safe to her family,” her neighbor said.

Police say she is considered a missing person, even though she was recently seen. They will either need to find her, or Allinder will need to come into the police station to resolve the case.

If you have any information about where Jaiden is you are asked to call Independence Police immediately at (816) 836-3600.

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