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KANSAS CITY, Mo — It was a tragic ending to a celebration Wednesday night on Southwest Boulevard. Two women were shot, and one died of her injuries.

There’s video circulating on social media of a woman laying in the road, shot. The video shows people walking around her with no one seeming to help. It’s too graphic to include in this story.

Seeing it was something most painful to 19-year-old Daisy Martinez’s loved ones, as they try to understand how this type of tragedy invaded their family.

“She was innocent. That didn’t have to happen to her,” Martinez’s uncle Jose Becerra said.

Martinez was shot and killed near 26th Street and Southwest Boulevard during what the family said was a Mexican Independence Day celebration. Around 11 p.m., police got a call for shots fired, and when officers arrived, they found Martinez on the ground, fatally wounded.

The 19-year-old just graduated from East High School last year. She was working and proud that she just bought her first car. On Thursday evening, it still sat near the spot where Martinez was killed.

The pavement along that stretch of Southwest Boulevard is scarred with burned rubber, indicating what police are calling a sideshow. Crowds gather to perform car stunts like donuts and drifts, which local residents and business people said have become a normal and unwanted occurrence on that stretch of road. 

“It’s basically been a problem for over 21 years plus,” said Ken Brosam, who’s seen what happens on Southwest Boulevard for decades.

He’s worked in that neighborhood for decades and seen it get better — and now worse. He wasn’t surprised to hear about Wednesday night’s homicide.

“If I have to go out and about at night, then I make sure I have some kind of protection with me,” Brosam said, “either a taser or pepper spray, and I’m always very cautious.”

It’s a part of life for those who live and work near Southwest Boulevard, which is upsetting to Becerra. 

“I’m fed up really. you know?” he said. “I’m tired. It’s becoming normal for people to hear something like that.”

Martinez is the 142nd homicide victim in Kansas City, Missouri, this year. She leaves behind another tight-knit family torn apart by violence.

“She was always laughing. She always had a smile about,” Becerra said. “She had that distinct laugh about her all the time. I just think about her, and I can hear her laugh.”

It’s remembering Martinez’s joy that made every member of her family FOX4 talked to Wednesday smile and cry, realizing they lost such a precious part of their family so young.

A second woman was also hit by the gunfire, suffering minor injures. KCPD said detectives are making good headway in identifying a person of interest in this case, but they still need the public’s help.

Anyone with information is asked to call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS. All tips are anonymous.

Editor’s note: There is a discrepancy in Martinez’s age among sources. Family says she was 19 years old, but police later said she was 20. FOX4 is looking for clarification but at this time.