Shelter urges pet owners to bring pets inside after 3 overheated puppies rescued

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Local animal shelters say they are seeing an influx of pets. Some believe the reason may be due to the extreme temperatures.

“We had three puppies come in, they were overheated, dangerously overheated, we had to act quickly to cool them down,” said Site Manager of Kansas City KC Pet Project location, Kelly Walsh.

Walsh said work becomes even more challenging during these summer months.

The vets keeping the puppies on cool towels to help regulate their body temperature, as well as giving them extra fluid.

Because they acted quickly, the young pups are now happy, healthy and content, but the outcome could have been a lot different.

“Dogs overheat faster than we do because they do not sweat the way we do. They sweat through the pads of their feet, and other than that they pant to cool off, basically keep them inside where it`s cooler,” Walsh said.

Walsh said a dog can overheat in a matter on minutes, the pavement can also burn their paws.

While the temperatures continue to soar into the 90s, experts recommend keeping walks under 10 minutes and having plenty of water.

Walsh said these simple tips can save your pets’ life.

“I think the biggest tip is keep your pet inside. It is too hot for them to be outside,” Walsh said.



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