Sheriff puts ‘In God We Trust’ on all patrol cars

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RUTHERFORDTON, N.C. — All patrol cars in of Rutherford County got a little makeover, a decision made by Sheriff Chris Francis and paid for by a local church.

“We looked at it as an opportunity to show our patriotism,” Francis said.

The new ‘In God We Trust’ decals were placed on all 50 of the agencies marked patrol cars.

“I want to make sure that my deputy sheriffs know what ‘In God We Trust’ means,” Francis said. “And how blessed we are to be citizens in America, to live in Western North Carolina and to be able to support our nation’s motto.”

Francis said he made the decision to put the emblems on after Fairview Baptist Church of Golden Valley volunteered to pay for them.

Sheriff Chris Francis  Courtesy/FOX Carolina
Sheriff Chris Francis
Courtesy/FOX Carolina

“I’m sure that there will be many positive remarks,” Francis said. “But I’m sure that with every decision I make I won’t make everyone happy.”

Francis said he has heard of other sheriffs considering putting similar emblems on their patrol cars and hopes they will follow his lead.

“I wish that more localities would show their patriotism, show what they believe in,” Francis said. “I think our nation would be in a different place if they would.”



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