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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Construction of new shipping container homes are getting lots of attention overlooking Southwest Trafficway.

FOX4 reported last year about a proposed apartment complex for Midtown Kansas City, built from shipping containers. Now they are coming to life.

They’re located near 29th and Madison, not far from the FOX4 studios on Signal Hill.

“Time goes by fast. They’ll be up before we even know it,” said Steve Carrillo whose property is located nearby. “Kansas City’s growing. That’s all I put it down as.”

Neighbors say they are coming to terms with the development as they see construction take form.

The project faced a lot of push back from West Side neighbors in the past, but despite heavy opposition, it was still approved by the city council.

Once complete, four buildings made up of 12 containers each will result in 48 modern and eco-friendly apartment homes, according to the developer.

Reminiscent of the tiny home movement, the apartment homes will be no more than 350 square feet and between $675-$775.

“Back in the day they used to live in box cars, man. That’s not too far back. They’re bringing the box cars back,” Carrillo said. “I like living here. This is home. It doesn’t look like home right now, but in about a couple of months or so, it will start looking nicer.”

Some people are still not happy with construction or pleased with the sight of the shipping containers, but Carrillo said he’s looking forward to the new driveway he was promised.

FOX4 was not given a date for the completion of the project.