Police say woman who posted about shirt on windshield was target of a prank

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FLINT, Mich. – After investigating, police tell M Live that the viral story of a woman who found a shirt wrapped around her windshield wiper, was part of a prank.

According to the report, Township police interviewed the two men who allegedly placed the shirt on the 19-year-old’s windshield, and they said they were not aware that the prank could be construed as a human trafficking tactic. Police also say the men left the parking lot more than an hour before the woman left the shopping center.

“As a result of these interviews, they admitted to putting the shirt on the vehicle as a random prank,” said the statement police provided to M Live.  “Also, interior video surveillance at the Genesee Valley Center corroborated their presence at the mall.”

According to police, the men have since apologized to the woman “that their actions caused her to feel scared that night.”

The 19-year-old woman’s warning to others continues to be shared widely on Facebook. Read more here.




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