Shoeshines get sexy new makeover with short shorts and pretty women

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NEW YORK — It’s getting mixed reviews, but it’s also turning heads. A new shoeshine shop, Star Shine NYC, opened three weeks ago on New Street, but it’s not your traditional shoe shine. Instead, pretty women in skimpy shorts buff and polish the well-heeled Wall St. bankers in the Financial District.

Besides the eye candy, it features large leather chairs and flat-screen TVs. The owners hope to serve classy beer and wine in the future, but for now are content to offer the main attraction: pretty women in skimpy clothes.

Co-owner Kevin White said the ladies are professionally trained and insists his shop is a classy stop for those in the Financial District.

Critics say it’s degrading to women. Others say the ladies do a good job and it’s an added bonus that they’re pretty.



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