Shooting incident leaves Westport residents shaken

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KANSAS CITY, Mo - A routine Saturday night took a frightening turn for some residents in Westport as witnesses say they heard rapid gunfire and saw two people shooting at each other.

Witness Curtis Smith says he was at the Green Room near 40th and Pennsylvania in Westport around midnight on Saturday night. The crowd was winding down, so he sat out on the porch with some friends, when all the sudden shots rang out.

"Everyone kind of thought it was fireworks at first," said Smith. "The timing of it was too 'boom boom boom boom' to be fireworks."

Smith says he and his friends just froze in their chairs.

"We looked at each other like something strange was about to happen," said Smith, who says he and friends heard eight gunshots, followed by a pause then six more shots.

"We didn't hear anything," said Smith. "No tires screeching or pulling out. It was just the gun shots. No one yelling. Then it was over."

Jesse Waugh was just getting home when a crime scene developed a few feet from his front yard.

"It's kind of weird to think about this happening right in front of your house," said Waugh.

Witnesses say detectives searched the grass for shell casings and left not long after.

Smith says it's a first for this block and hoping it's the last.

"People look out for each other here and this kind of thing doesn't happen," said Smith.

FOX 4 did reach out to police about any injuries or arrests in the incident but have not received a response.

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