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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — An auto shop owner held a thief at gunpoint until police could arrive. He says the man stole a car and tried to sell off the seats.

Those high horsepower, turbocharged sports cars generally roll into Modified by KC for a tune-up. Saturday, a man came to the shop with a red Mini Cooper hoping to sell the car seats for $500.

“He didn’t fit the build for a Mini owner,” said co-owner Ryan Charlton.

He has recognized the car through posts on social media. He figured out that the man stole the Mini and is trying to sell parts off the car. Charlton played along. First, he locked up the shop.

“He was a little nervous and freaked out by that. I said ‘chill out, I’m closing down for the day. I’m going to go up and get your money. Plus I need to get the business phone in case anybody calls,’” he said.

Charlton called police, but had to find a way to keep the thief occupied and unsuspecting. He started grabbing random tools that could be used to uninstall the car seats before making an excuse to head up to the office. The thief followed.

“That’s when I grabbed the pistol there and told him to sit down and relax,” Charlton said.

Charlton said the thief tried to negotiate, offering the keys and car for his freedom. But Charlton held the gun and waited for police to arrive.

“It was kind of like that Pulp Fiction moment. We are going to be little Fonzies here. Be cool, drink your soda, smoke as much cigarettes as you want. We are going to relax until they get here,” he said.

Just as police arrived, Charlton snapped a picture before contacting the car owner.

FOX 4 has reached out to the car owner, but he has yet to respond.