Shoppers slam metro stores ahead of weekend snowstorm and approaching holidays

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — It’s the perfect winter storm.

As much as 8 inches of snow could fall in the Kansas City metro over the next two days. There are 10 shopping days left before Christmas. And, Sunday is a home Chiefs game against the Denver Broncos.

What are the first things to go at the store when all of these things are in the forecast? Bread, milk, eggs — and apparently, Mahomes Magic Crunch cereal.

It may not be jingle bells, but the sound of the registers ringing was the sound heard in stores around the metro on Saturday. Goods flew off shelves at the Prairie Village HyVee. Baskets and parking lots were full on Saturday.

“It’s been busy today,” store director John Peterman said. “It’s been steady.”

Starting around 7:30 Saturday morning, he said the store saw an onslaught of customers.

“It’s kind of 50-50; some of them were worried about the storm coming,” Peterman said, “Some people are just holiday shopping.”

As of Saturday afternoon, there were only 10 shopping days left until Christmas. However, there are only hours before the snow starts.

“It’s great for business,” said Peterman of the snow. “All of us want to be busy anyway.”

Busy describes any toy store in the days before Christmas. Brookside Toy and Science was no exception; people packed the aisles. It’s exactly what owner Jim Ward wants to see.

“We are busy because of the holiday, but also it’s going to snow tomorrow,” he said. “So I think people are rushing to get their shopping done before the weather gets bad.”

But don’t think Saturday before a snow will be his busiest day. From this point on, he said, it will only get busier. The predicted snow might even benefit his bottom line.

“For some reason, it kind of get some people in the Christmas spirit,” he said with a shrug. “They start spending more.”

And to shop owners, that is like having a gift wrapped up with a bow.

Of course, there is a problem once the snow falls; it can delay delivery trucks with item restocks. Meaning it may be harder to get that Mahomes Magic Crunch in the coming couple of days.

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