GRANDVIEW, Mo. — A man who survived getting shot eight times in a Jackson County park is speaking out about the ambush that killed his friend.

Orson “Treyce” Roth III died in the Oct. 12 shooting. Grandview police confirmed no arrests have been made. Investigators are now calling on the public for leads.

When the shooting happened in broad daylight last Wednesday, authorities — including a Kansas City police helicopter — were involved in the search for suspects. Since then, police haven’t shared any movement on the case with the public.

Now, the other man who was nearly killed in that shooting is sharing his experience firsthand.

Fifty-year-old James Patrick Stowe said he’s called Roth’s voicemail often during the past week just to hear his voice.

Orson “Treyce” Roth III (Photo courtesy family)

About a week after the shooting, Stowe guided FOX4 around the area in O’Donnell Park where the shooting happened. The two men were friends, and Stowe said it was their hang-out spot.

“And we sit and we talk about different role playing games — Dungeons and Dragons and Risk and all that kind of stuff — and then talk about things like life,” Stowe said.

“We hear ‘bang!’ And he was like ‘What was that? A firework?’ And I look over, and I see a guy with a gun, and I like nod my head because that’s a reaction when you see a person like, ‘Oh hey.’ Then I’m like, ‘Treyce, we need to go. We need to go!'” Stowe said.

“I am just so amazingly lucky that I’m not dead,” Stowe said.

He was shot eight times, damaging two vertebrae and collapsing a lung.

“But your body immediately goes into shock. Your heart speeds up. I knew there was blood coming out of me from everywhere, but I couldn’t even tell or see it because my mind was in a different state of being,” Stowe said.

“One man was in the car coaching the other man to fire, and that’s the only thing I think it could be,” Stowe said, speculating on a motive for the shooting.

Stowe said he didn’t see them drive away though.

“I believe they ran. They might have just walked back to the car later,” Stowe said.

Stowe said he has high functioning autism, and this situation has been difficult for him to process mentally, especially while focusing on his friend.

“He was announced DOA when the paramedics arrived, and I heard them say that,” Stowe said. “And it crushed my heart totally.”

“But I know that he was such a great guy that he’d just be happy I’m alive,” Stowe said.

He also said that he is now about $10,000 in medical debt after getting treatment for his injuries. A GoFundMe has been set up to help with his recovery. Roth’s family has also set up a GoFundMe for his funeral expenses.