Shot in KC, ‘Trust Fund’ brings a slice of Tinseltown to the metro

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Many movies are filmed in big cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, even if they aren’t set in those cities. That’s exactly the case for ‘Trust Fund’ which was filmed in KC, bringing a bit of Hollywood to the Midwest.

“We wanted the movie to look a lot bigger, so the story is set in Chicago, but the lead character goes on this journey to Italy, the entire movie was filmed right here in Kansas City,” cinematographer Isaac Alongi explained.

Alongi says the crew filmed in October of 2015 for 25 days, and they wrapped up right before it got cold.

“A lot of times you see films that they say are based in Kansas City, but they`ll shoot them in LA, or wherever, so this is the first time you`ve really seen a film that`s kind of done the opposite of that,” he said.

His wife, Sandra Martin, the writer and director for the film, says this is the first feature she`s written, which started with a small idea and kind of took off.

“When I started writing the main character, the family, and where she worked, I started thinking of places here in Kansas City,” she said.

Martin says almost everybody can relate to the movie.

“Trust Fund is about an affluent family, and from the outside everything looks good, they look perfect, but that`s never the case, because families are about humans and we make bad decisions,” she said.

“In this case, and I hope it`s for everyone, is there`s somebody that doesn`t give up on you, has higher hopes for you, and sees potential.”

Trust Fund is a lower budget, independent film, so they say there were a lot of perks to filming in their home town.

“One of the great things about filming here in Kansas City, is we didn`t have to have these huge crews and block off roads. We got up really early, I remember getting on set at 4 a.m., before there was any traffic,” Alongi said.

Martin says not many other cities have an opportunity to spot places they frequent.

“There`s so many places that people will recognize immediately; running through the streets downtown, or the fountain at Swope Park - where you think you`re in Italy,” said Alongi.

“You`re going to see a lot of places that you`ll be like, ‘I think I know where that`s at!’” said Martin.

Trust Fund will screen at metro AMC theatres, and premieres on Friday.




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