KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Gunfire rang out in one of the city’s southside neighborhoods Monday morning, as a homeowner’s video cameras capture it all.

Residents of the Red Bridge area in south Kansas City are complaining they see more crime on their streets. That’s what unfolded on Monday around 5:30 a.m. when a homeowner confronted an armed thief.

The Manassero family said they don’t often hear gunfire in their neighborhood.

Rusty Manassero, who lives a short distance from the Red Bridge shopping center, was loading his pickup truck for his day at his construction job.

Video from his home recorded the sound of at least five gunshots, after he found a man rifling his truck’s cab. Manassero told Kansas City Police the man pulled a gun, and the gunfire narrowly missed him.

“My husband hits the ground hoping he’s not going to get hit. All in all, there were at least seven shots fired. He’s lucky he wasn’t injured,” Elena Manassero, Rusty’s wife, said on Wednesday.

“We’re just normal hard-working people trying to go to work to take care of our family, and something like this happens. It’s not fair. You feel angry and pissed off.”

Security cameras from the house next door also show three men in a light-colored sedan breaking into cars at that house on Monday. That camera also shows the car speeding away after Manasseh confronted the alleged thief.

One of the cameras appears to show the men wearing masks.

“I want them caught. I feel violated. We have a young child. My husband now feels traumatized,” Elena Manassero said.

Police crime maps from the area show a handful of recent concerns — including at least one theft and an assault. If you know who’s breaking into cars here, please call the Kansas City Police Department.