‘Show me the money’: Thousands of people in Missouri still awaiting state tax refunds

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It has been 135 days since the tax filing deadline, but thousands of people in Missouri are still saying, “Show me the money!”

The delays in issuing refunds are now coming with a hefty price tag for all taxpayers.

Midwest Radiator in Kansas City stays busy. Owners Greg and Mardy Lundgren take pride in running their small business. They have an accountant prep their company and personal taxes each year and have never had an issue until now.

“Six weeks, maybe eight weeks, and we hadn’t heard anything so I started getting curious,” Mardy Lundgren said.

Their federal refund was deposited quickly, but their Missouri state refund of over $3,000 is still missing.

“I started calling the number all I got was a recorded message saying they were in the process. So finally I just decided to Google as much as I could about it,” she said.

Turns out the Lundgrens aren’t alone. Right now, more than 9,200 Missourians are still waiting on tax refunds totaling $9 million. Another 16,000 refunds are being manually reviewed.

Mardy Lundgren finally got answers about the hold-up with her refund from the Missouri auditor’s office.

“They’re saying because we had some food pantry credits for deductions, with the new software the state of Missouri is using, it kicked our refund, kicked the process out. And that was what the delay was. We’re hoping to see it about the middle of next month,” Lundgren said.

The Missouri Department of Revenue is blaming that software system for many of the delayed refunds.

But under state law, if refunds aren’t issued within 45 days of the return being received, the state pays out interest, which so far totals an extra $1,038,385 of taxpayer money.

“There should’ve been a pretty deep check on that new software program, checked all the bells and whistles on it to make sure if there was going to be a problem that they resolved that before the income tax refunds started coming in. So it is frustrating and pretty counterproductive,” Lundgren said.

The state auditor’s office says it’s being bombarded with requests for help in getting taxpayers their refunds, and has forwarded information on 1800 individual cases to the Department of Revenue.

If you’re still waiting on that state refund, you can call their hotline (800) 347-8597, or make a complaint online at auditor.mo.gov/hotline.



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