Signs taking over lawn in Northland neighborhood has residents upset

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Imagine living in your calm, quiet neighborhood for years, then have new neighbors move in and put out multiple, giant signs on their front yard.

Neighbors say the lawn of one Northland home is an eye sore and they want the signs gone.

"I was horrified, that I had to walk out my front door every day and see this gibberish, is what I call it," says Jeanna Green, who has lived in her home for 35 years.

She lives across the street from a home with many, many signs.

"It's an eyesore for one thing, it depreciates our property value," Green adds.

She says these people moved in almost four years ago, and the signs showed up about a year ago -- but the amount is growing.

"A new sign goes up every day — bigger, bolder," says Green.

Green says she along with many other neighbors have tried talking to the residents and the city, but were told there's nothing they could do.

"They told one neighbor to deal with it, they told another to get used to it," adds Green.

FOX4 also tried knocking on the door to speak with the residents, but no one answered.

Kansas City spokesman Chris Hernandez says the property owner, who leases out this home, has received a notice of violation.

"And that's simply saying that hey, we had a complaint, we came out and took a look, here's the problem, if you go ahead and fix it, when we come out to reinspect and take a look, if everything fine, end of story, we close the case," says Hernandez, who says the city regulates signage.

"You can have signs on your personal property, but there is a regulation about the size of the signs," he adds, "Having no more than two signs or 16 square feet."

He says if the resident were to reduce the number and size of the signs, he could have signs in his front yard.

"It makes our block look horrible, I mean, who would want to live here?" Green says.

The owner of this house who is out of town says he has told the current tenants to take the signs down after receiving the notice.

He says they must be taken down by July 22nd.

If not, Hernandez says an inspector can issue a citation - they'll either have to pay or go to court.



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