Since pandemic, first in-person events held at National World War I Museum for Memorial Day


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Memorial Day events held at the National World War I Museum were held in person for the first time since the pandemic.

Museum president Matt Naylor said the lives remembered on Memorial Day is reminiscent to the lives lost during the pandemic.

“This year has been so much loss and grief those who lost loved ones and friends,” he said. “Perhaps it give us just a little more, to know what it is to lose a loved one in service.”

The bell chimes echoed throughout the National World War I Museum to honor service members who gave their lives while serving our country. The ceremony was just one of the events held this Memorial Day, along with a flag ceremony and walk of honor.

For the first time in the museum’s history, the bell-tolling ceremony was held indoors. Many people inside, unmasked and close together. A sight many have not seen since the start of the pandemic.

Erin Kirk is a Kansas City, Kansas resident who visited the museum for the first time in years, she said visiting the site reminds her of the liberties she enjoys each day.

“It’s important to remember where you came from and made sure you have freedom,” she said.

Naylor said it’s important to remember Memorial Day is about more than a day off from work or a day at the pool.

“It calls on our better selves for us to work collectively together towards a more just and prosperous future,” he said. ”I think the people of Kansas City ought to be rightly proud of what they’ve done here to help us never forget.”

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