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WEBB CITY, Mo. — Patti Steel, a native of Webb City and a graduate of Missouri Southern State University, is passionate about many things in her life.

She loves photography, dance, musical instruments, and of course, singing.

Ever since she was a young girl music has been a huge part of Patti’s life. Her father happened to be a regional rock guitarist for several bands dating back to the 1970s.

With music, a central part of her family Patti said it didn’t take long before it became a central part of her life too.

“My first musical instrument I got when I was around seven, and that was a clarinet,” said Steel.

Although she had dreamed of playing the drums, Patti stuck to the clarinet when it came to playing at Webb City Jr. High School, simply because there were too many that already played the drums.

But Patti wouldn’t stick with just one instrument. One of her teachers inspired her to learn and plan as many musical instruments as she could.

A teacher by the name of Mr. Greek taught Patti to play the bass guitar for the Junior High Jazz Band. But, learning to play more instruments didn’t stop at the bass guitar.

While at Webb City High School, Patti went on to play the bassoon, French horn, flute, and clarinet.

When it came to singing, Patti found an outlet through her junior high and high school choir, and the Webb City Singers (a musical dance group).

And when it came to another passion of hers, dance, Patti was a member of the “Redettes,” the Webb City High School dance team.

Though many scholarships came Patti’s way when she was ready to graduate from Webb City, she decided to stay local and attend Missouri Southern State University where she received a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

While at MSSU, Patti continued to express her love for all things music by performing with the orchestra.

However, in 2002, Patti’s friend Anndrea Herman introduced her to some local open mic goers as well as “campfire jammers.”

This is where she truly got her start in the “jam or improve style” that everyone knows of her today.

Though she was encouraged by many, Patti was mentored by a man named Jim Moss, who she says was a big inspiration in her life and kept her on the path of playing music.

Since 2002, Patti has been jamming with countless bands, as well as singers/songwriters of all genres of music.

Patti Steel, pictured which her heart sunglasses, poses with other members of the Patti Steel Band.

Patti now calls Northwest Arkansas home, which is where she has her own band: The Patti Steel Band.

Although Patti has accomplished a lot over the years with her musical talents, there’s one item she has wanted to check off her bucket list, and that’s to record an album of her own.

“In January of 2022, I got the guys of my band together and we recorded five songs that will go on my first CD,” said Steel.

“It was a lot of hard work. I mean, we had to first record it all and get all that done, and then get the album cover made, which luckily I had a friend help me with all of the artwork,” continued Steel.

Patti’s new album is set to be released on October 7th and plans to sell her CD online and at future performances.

You can catch Patti Steel’s latest work by checking out her website, HERE, and Facebook Page, HERE.

In a recent interview with the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Patti said she wanted others to know what she believes is the key to accomplishing one’s dreams:

“I want to make people realize they can do what they want but they have to make the choice to believe in themselves. I’m living proof it can happen,” said Steel.