Single mom starts grassroots effort to help Kansas Citians in need

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KANSAS CITY, Mo.  – An online community known as the Kansas City Heroes is working to make a difference in real-life.

Jennifer McCartney is a single mom who created the Facebook group ‘Kansas City Heroes’ in 2015 to be a resource for people needing help. In just two years the group has grown from about 100 participants to nearly 2,000 people. More impressive than the numbers, are the stories from people who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn.

“In December, I was diagnosed with stage three Lymphoma cancer so I needed to move out of my location and move in with a family member. I had just gone through chemo treatment at that time and I was very sick and very ill, and the heroes stepped up and helped me move all of my belongings to a new location,” said Kansas City Heroes member Brenda Dillon.

Thankful for the help she`s received, Dillon now uses her skills to help others.

“To give back, I’ve helped many people with heating problems because I used to do apartment and building maintenance,” she explained.

The group often meets to help feed the homeless and they’ve even built a porch for a mother of seven whose home was in need of extensive repairs.

What makes the Kansas City Heroes group so unique is that there’s no specific funding source, and there are no requirements for people to receive help. It’s a grassroots movement built on regular people helping their neighbors.

“In order to be a member you have to promise, and it’s a promise so I have to take you at your word, but if we help you, you’re going to pay it forward to somebody else,” said McCartney.

Many in the group don`t see themselves as heroes, but those in need of help, might beg to differ.

“It changes their life and you can see that, there’s a joy that was not there before and that`s so cool,” said McCartney.

You can visit the Kansas City Heroes Facebook Page here.

The group also has a GoFundMe page. They have raised $1,440 of their $10,000 goal.



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