KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Ever thought about becoming a reseller? The numbers show it’s a growing business, with a recent industry report expecting the global secondhand marketplace to add up to $350 billion by 2027.

Wednesday, May 17th on FOX4 News at 10, Pat McGonigle is talking to a local pro who has built a steady income around her thrift store finds. So, what kind of amazing things can you find at the thrift store? Check out these six unbelievable treasures.

Our first find is a piece of country music history donated to a Goodwill right here in Kansas City. But unlike our other finds, it was the thrift shop that realized they had something special on its hands and put the item up for auction. The real question is how The King of Country Music’s fiddle found its way to a Kansas City thrift store.

Imagine visiting a thrift store to stumble across a lost piece of family history. It happened to a Kansas woman whose thrift store find was her late brother’s 50s canteen.

If you’re a Chiefs fan, you’re gonna love this one. Patrick Mahomes is kind of a big name around here, but he was a rookie once, and the #10 pick in the first round of the NFL 2017 draft. Those nine teams missed out on Mahomes magic, but one lucky thrift store shopper really hit the jackpot when he found a Mahomes rookie card.

And then there are the unintentional thrift store finds. A Michigan man is the perfect example of why you should always take a close look at your items once you get them home. He bought an ottoman for his man cave and when he complained about it being uncomfortable, a closer look revealed $43,000 inside! Would you keep it?

We head to a Canadian thrift store for this next treasure, which probably belongs in a museum. When a shopper saw a space suit, she snatched it up for $40. After some internet sleuthing she talked to the astronaut who wore it and learned it made a trip to the International Space Station. The big mystery that even he couldn’t solve was exactly how it got from space… to a Canadian thrift store.

And finally, the treasure that is actually now in a museum, a Texas woman unearthed an actual Roman marble bust in an Austin thrift store and bought it for only $35. Turns out the frowning sculpture could be traced back to 1AD. It’s now headed back to Europe.

These finds may only happen once in a lifetime, but it’s the dream of any reseller. To hear what the career is like for those making it a full-time job, check out Pat’s story here.