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LONDON (BRPROUD) — So how many phobias can you squeeze into one swimming pool?

The newly opened Sky Pool in London will test several, including acrophobia (fear of heights), basophobia (fear of falling) and aquaphobia (fear of drowning).

The pool is 115 feet in the air and stretches across the 46-foot gap between the two luxury Embassy Gardens apartment blocks in London, with a rooftop found on both ends of it.

“Filled with 148,000 liters of water, the Sky Pool spans 15 meters, ten stories high, between two apartment buildings – a world first – to allow residents to swim between buildings,” described the Embassy Gardens.

Image courtesy of Embassy Gardens

Embassy Gardens said the pool went on quite a journey before it ended up at the residential and business development in South West London.

“Last September, after undergoing rigorous, hydrostatic testing in Colorado, the pool travelled 1,000 miles to Galveston, Texas, before making its three-week journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Antwerp, Belgium,” the complex said. “From there, the pool was transferred to London Gateway and then travelled across the River Thames to Albert Embankment overnight, before reaching its final home by vehicle at Embassy Gardens.”

Reaction to the new Sky Pool has been mixed on Twitter.

For those who would prefer not to get into the water, a parallel footbridge is available.