KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Icy conditions were widespread Thursday morning as people headed to work. And as the evening commute picked up, there was hope that some of those problem spots had been addressed.

Salt trucks had a little more time to hit those slick spots, but in many areas it was still very icy once drivers got off the main roads.

Victoria Scruggs in Trimble, Missouri, said that when it comes to ice, she doesn’t have much good advice.

“It’s kind of impossible here,” Scruggs said.

“You don’t see too many cars out. We don’t try getting out unless we absolutely have to,” Scruggs added.

Many of the roads in Clinton County neighborhoods looked more like ice rinks than they did streets. FOX4 found one car abandoned in a ditch just north of Smithville due to the icy conditions.

And in Kansas City, it wasn’t much better. Tire tracks in the mud showed one truck’s path — careening off Interstate 435 and spinning out across the on-ramp to the south of the interstate.

A traffic camera at Interstate 635 and Interstate 70 showed a jack-knifed semi teetering on the edge of a bridge. That crash was cleared without incident.

To the north, another semi was pulled back onto I-435 by tow trucks near the Woodlawn Avenue exit.

Some school districts, including Kearney and Spring Hill, sent students home early because of the ice.

Scruggs said she’s just getting ready for Friday morning, trying to clear one layer of ice from her car before work. Her slick driveway is another story.

“All I can do is put down a little salt,” Scruggs said.

The airfield at the Kansas City International Airport also had to shut down briefly Thursday morning because of ice. It did reopen with that closure lasting just short of an hour.