Slip on ice lands Lee's Summit couple tickets to AFC Championship from Chiefs' Juan Thornhill

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — A fall on the ice captured on camera won a Lee’s Summit couple two tickets to the AFC Championship game on Sunday. They have a Kansas City Chiefs player’s Twitter contest to thank.

“It feels like you’re winning the lottery almost,” ticket winner Daniel Harness said.

“He was like, ‘Thornhill just gave me tickets!'” Harness’ fiancée Bayley Peer said.

Chiefs safety “The Juan And Only” Thornhill posted on Twitter Monday offering a big prize to the Chiefs fan with the funniest video.

There were plenty of entries, but Harness was the one and only winner! He shared a video of him slipping and falling as he and his dog took a wild walk on a snowy, icy day. Check out his hilarious video in the player above.

“He said, ‘I saw your pup take you for a ride. Would you want to take a ride over to Arrowhead?'” Harness said.

That fall on the ice earned him two tickets to the AFC Championship Game.

“So my dad actually called me, and he was like, ‘So when you coming to pick me up for the AFC Championship game?'” Harness said. “And I was like ‘Uh.'”

Peer had already snagged the seat. After all, she recorded the winning video and added to the hilarity when their dog “Teeko” got more sympathy than Harness.

“I literally I was like running away laughing,” Peer said.

“She was like laughing at me, and she felt really bad for the dog,” Peer said. “But the dog was fine, and I’m the one that was hurt.”

With the trip to Arrowhead in sight, Harness said the slip was well worth it.

“Oh yeah, I would do it 100 times,” Harness said. “I would do it a thousand times if I got more Chiefs tickets. I don’t care, It’s great.”

Thornhill’s only advice for the couple: “Wear red and cheer loud.” And of course, don’t trip walking to the seats.

They don’t know where the seats are quite yet. Harness didn’t ask questions when Thornhill sent him a direct message on Twitter about the tickets. He’s just thankful to be going to the game.



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