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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — For one fireworks stand in Independence near Noland Road, sales mean a little more than most. There’s concern among volunteers because fireworks stands are not as “poppin'” as previous years

Jason Kelley said the money they earn supports Independence Pop Warner cheerleaders and football players.

“Typically the kids are coming from lower income communities,” Kelley said.

He has two daughters in the cheer program.

He’s a little concerned for the others because foot traffic at their fireworks fundraiser is down.

“The last couple years have been a lot busier than this. We used to have to restock every day,” Kelley said. “This year I don’t think we’ve restocked at all. So, it’s been a lot slower.”

He said all their fireworks are from the same truck and it’s been nine days.

Last year, they needed a truck full of new items every day.

But there’s still time for enthusiastic customers to fill their baskets and show support.

“You guys have the best stuff that i always wanted here,” Young Jordyne Littlejohn said. “I knew that you guys would have a lot of fireworks.”

She and her mom save up money so they can buy the big fireworks.

Inflation has forced some stands to increase their prices by 20%.

“A lot of things have gone up and wages haven’t gone up,” Kelley said. “I think a lot of people are feeling that burden and they’re less willing to go out and purchase fireworks.”

If this fundraiser doesn’t offset the cost, Kelley said a lot of athletes might not be able to participate in the programs.

“Hopefully it will be a good enough amount to make them go to nationals and get equipment,” Kelley said.

The stand in Independence is open through July 5. They close Friday at 10 p.m.

Pyro City in Kansas City, Kansas, near Rainbow Boulevard is open through July 4. They close Friday at 10p.m.