‘Slow down’: Man recalls aftermath of Independence crash that left one dead, two injured


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A metro man is dead and two other people are badly hurt after a weekend crash near 23rd Street and Noland Road.

Dylan Brown witnessed the horrific aftermath and has one message for his community — slow down.

The crash happened at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday. Police said two people in a Kia Soul were headed south on Noland at a high speed. They rear-ended 52-year-old Charles Mabie’s BMW when he was stopped at a red light.

“Just a big ‘bang!’ and people screaming,” Brown said of the scene Saturday.

Brown said he normally avoids the intersection because people are known to speed through and run red lights.

Some cars kept going, but Brown threw his car in park at the Complete Auto Service nearby. He ran across the street to help.

“I’ve got a mom. She’s in the medical field. She’s always telling me to be quick on my feet, stuff like that,” he said. “So it was just instinct, I guess.”

Brown and three others cut the seat belt off the woman in the Kia, pulling her and a passenger out of the car and away from danger.

“Her forehead was split open, you know. It looked like her femur snapped. Her ankle bone was completely showing,” Brown said. “Yeah, it was gruesome.”

Brown said they held her shaking body until first responders arrived.

Officers said there was no sign of braking before the Kia hit Mabie’s BMW. Medics took him to a nearby hospital where he later died.

“Now one person’s dead and the other person — they’re probably looking at criminal charges,” Brown said. “It’s not worth it. Slow down.”

The investigation is still ongoing, and no charges have been filed at this time. As of Tuesday, the two occupants in the Kia are still in the hospital in critical condition.



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