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PARKVILLE, Mo. — On a day when many people spend a little extra cash online, small business owners in downtown Parkville urged people to save a little something for the local brick-and-mortar shops.

“If you buy everything from Amazon, Jeff Bezos continues to get richer and richer, and your neighbors go out of business,” said Theresa Bentley, owner of Bentley Guitar Studios.

This year, Amazon’s annual “Prime Day” sale is extending to two days, both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. And while the massive online retailer offers convenience and eye-popping deals, shop owners like Bentley are urging people to invest at least some small portion in the local economy.

Bentley, who played the harp in front of her storefront on Tuesday, also celebrated the sense of community that comes with a vibrant, local shopping scene.

“You don’t get this at Amazon. You just don’t,” Bentley said. “The charm, little towns like Parkville, you don’t have musicians sitting out front playing.”

Tricia Szasz, the owner of Parkville Artisans Studio, said spending locally is like investing your neighbors.

“Not only when you make a purchase at my business, does it support me, but it supports the lady up the street,” Szasz said. “And the girl that goes to high school locally, and the girl that goes to Park University. It takes care of the people that are right around you.”