KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Everyone’s feeling sticker shock while filling their gas tanks.

Small businesses in the Kansas City area are feeling the pinch of gas prices. Some have had to raise their prices to account for their added expenses.

On Thursday evening, FOX4 cameras spotted prices for unleaded gasoline at two QuikTrip stations at $4.49 per gallon. That’s up 30 cents from the lunchtime price of $4.19 as seen at the same gas stations. That means gas prices in some spots of the Kansas City metro are up 50 cents in the past week.

When pizza delivery drivers such as Waldo Pizza assistant manager R.J. Rorie hit the road to deliver meals, they take note of prices at the pumps. Rorie is one of many who depend on their cars to make a living, and growing gas prices make him hungry for relief.

“Just today I spent 50 bucks to fill up my tank,” Rorie lamented.

Rorie said business at Waldo Pizza is still strong, with as many as four drivers delivering pizzas each day. However, the recent hikes in price at metro gas stations is getting expensive.

“It costs us a little more as drivers and a store to get those pizzas on the road. Eventually, that means other prices are going to go up. I wouldn’t be surprised if our menu prices go up to make up for those crazy gas prices,” Rorie said.

Floral delivery workers at Fiddly Fig Flower Shop typically go all around the metro. Now, those extra miles include a small surcharge for has. Sheryl White, store owner, said she’s already taken on an extra dollar per order, but that was when gas prices were nearly a dollar cheaper per gallon. Now, her store’s gas bill is out of control.

“We’re trying to cover our costs. Delivery has never been a profit center for us. It’s more of a service,” White said. “Consumers totally understand because they’re having the same issue.”

Both merchants said they’re also feeling the burn when merchants ship their products to be sold locally. It often costs more for metro merchants to sell their products because they’re paying more to suppliers.

Expenses are up for drivers in the people delivery business, too. Uber has established a surcharge of 55 cents per trip, which is passed on to the passengers.