Smash and grab thieves shatter car windows at church parking lot near Westport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thieves struck during a thunderstorm, leaving a church and school on alert after a string of car break-ins. Wednesday night, the parking lot was full of cars at Our Lady of Hope. Friends have met at the church to play recreational volleyball for the past month.

“I never thought about it or anything, never worried about it,” Blane Davis said of his car.

Halfway through he game, Davis said his friend noticed cars were burglarized, with six back passenger rear windows shattered.

“Oh no, the first thing I thought was I had my wallet in my car. I usually bring it in with me, but I had some roommate money on me so I kept it in the car to keep it safe and out of the gym,” he said.

Davis said $350 toward his rent was stolen. All the cars, including his, were locked. He suspects the thieves reached through and grabbed what they could.

“It was on one of the back roads of the parking lot. It was car after car and you can look at the ground and see all the glass on the ground,” he said.

It will take about $400 to fix the damage done on his car, which he recently bought for himself as a birthday present.

Mary Delac can only remember a couple of property crime at the school in her decade-long run as principal. She said it doesn’t happen often.

“I was like, you got to be kidding me. Come on God give us a break,” she said with a laugh. “We just went though a big renovation, so we’re very exited about our future here. These kinds of things do kind of make people leery about coming to midtown, downtown, but it’s not usual.”

To deter thieves, she’s working to install more lighting and security cameras. Those who had their cars broke into said they’re pitching in to make it a safer place.

“I had a small iPad mini they didn’t take. I kind of hoped they would because I could’ve used ‘Find my iPad’ to see whee they were but that wasn’t the case,” Davis said with a sigh.



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