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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — By now, we’ve all probably figured out Wednesday’s winds are extremely strong.

So strong, in fact, that the line of severe thunderstorms Kansas City saw isn’t the only the wind brought into town.

If you’ve stepped outside Wednesday, you might noticed a smoky smell in the air and even see a haze in the air.

Most likely your house isn’t on fire — never hurts to check though! Meteorologists from the National Weather Service said the smoke is likely from the wildfires in central Kansas, particularly in Ellis County.

Wednesday’s strong westerly winds are pushing all that smoke east, even into the Kansas City area.

The National Weather Service put Kansas under a red flag warning on Wednesday due to the low humidity and high winds. Along with wildfires, the wind also caused low visibility on Kansas roads due to blowing dust. 

Several state highways in both Kansas and Missouri were shut down from high winds, low visibility, overturned semitrailers and more.

FOX4 is now tracking reports of damage from the storms that moved through. We’ll have updates on FOX4 News at 9 and 10 p.m. Wednesday.