Snapchat threat to ‘shoot up the school’ at Blue Valley Northwest has police, parents concerned

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — It’s a scary threat that was seen on hundreds of teenagers’ cell phones.

One day after a violent threat was made against students and staff at Blue Valley Northwest High School, police had extra officers on campus at the Overland Park school.

That threat made the rounds on Snapchat and was attached to a hip-hop music video, which had lyrics that talked about violent acts.

Police said that video clip was used by another student, who wrote the word “shoot up the school coming soon to Blue Valley Northwest” across it.

Officer John Lacy, a spokesperson for the Overland Park Police Department, said the student who attached those violent words to the video was arrested and the then released from jail Monday.

“We have to investigate that. We have to look into that,” Lacy said.

Lacy said that post might have been someone’s idea of a joke or off-handed remark, but law enforcement officials saw it as being a threat.

“A lot of these kids don`t understand that once you put something out there on social media, such as a threat, we have to investigate it,” Lacy said.

Last Monday, a student shot five of his schoolmates at Saugus High School in Southern California, two of whom died.

Lacy said deadly incidents like that make online school shooting threats a police matter.

On Sunday, the Blue Valley School District issued a statement, thanking the student and family that came forward, bringing the incident to the attention of police and district leaders.

“I was more concerned about my son`s reaction. He was scared,” one BVNW parent said Monday. “(It’s scary) that it’s happening here in Johnson County.”

“We’re asking all the parents to take time out and talk to your kids. Find out what they`re doing on social media. At the same time, look at their social media. See what they`re looking at,” Lacy said.

On Monday evening, a spokesperson for prosecutors in Johnson County said no charges have been filed against the teenager who was arrested. Lacy said there were no reported incidents at the school on Monday.

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