Snow in the metro makes Monday morning rush slippery

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Steady snow made for some slippery travel Monday morning as the storm struck just as drivers started making their way to work.

Road crews said they could not treat the pavement as early as they wanted.

This is the first storm of the season where the snow is actually sticking and it happened during the morning rush hour.

That combination proved to be a recipe for trouble as many drivers found themselves unaccustomed to driving on top of slippery snow.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said it had to delay pre-treating the highways Sunday night, because the initial forecast called for rain changing over to snow. Crews didn’t want to put down chemicals that would just get washed away by rain.

“The roads are slick because the snow is continuing to fall and pavement temperatures are pretty cool,” Lynette Luther, MoDOT district maintenance engineer said. “Whereas last week we had warmer ground temperatures so the snow didn’t really stick. But we had that cold snap and that cooled off the ground temperatures and so that’s what’s really making it slick. We have applied material so there is plenty of material on the pavement but as the snow continues to fall we can expect to see some slick conditions.”

Luther said MoDOT crews did get salt down ahead of the snow, once workers realized we weren’t going to get much rain.

Kansas City, Missouri, said public works crews were out before the morning rush treating bridges and crews are treating and plowing main streets.

Traffic is a little bit lighter because many workers are off in observance of the Veterans Day holiday. Still, road crews say until the snow stops, drivers should be cautious and expect pavement to be slippery.



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