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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some say there’s been so little snow over these winter months that business is just scraping by.

Couple that with other hiccups and it’s been a rough season for those who depend on snow. But private plow operators are readying for Tuesday evening.

“Honestly the weather here lately has seemed more like spring,” Richard Tufts, owner of Arbor Accents Tree Service, said.

But how quickly that will change. With plow drivers looking for any opportunity to get on the pavement.

Private plow operators in Lee’s Summit say that they’re ready for the heavier snow south of the metro.

So far the area has only gotten about 2.25 inches of snow. Typically those spots would have already dealt with about a foot more snow by this time of year.

Scott Boldrey owns the K.C. Metro Lawn & Snow, which sells bulk salt and snow melt to independent plow drivers.

He also has a fleet of plows, 16 of them, which will head out to tackle the weather this evening.

He says the lack of snow has put them behind by about a half million dollars from where they’d typically be. But he says he’s thankful to be back up and running after, last week, catalytic converter thieves hit his entire fleet.

“Everybody come-in in the morning and I hear a truck fire up and it was just loud as can be. Then the next truck fires up and it’s just loud as can be. I’m like ‘shut them all off’ and we went through and checked and almost every one of them had got hit,” Boldrey said.

“We got everything on video and the police are working on identifying whoever did it but yeah, it cost us $38,000 or so in the past week to get the equipment back up and going,” Boldrey said.