MERRIAM, Kan. — For those getting back out on the road Friday morning, the rush hour traffic was back to being busy.

“I think everyone stayed home yesterday and today they are like we have to go here,” one driver said.

However, many drivers say they didn’t anticipate as much slush and snow to still be left on the highways.

Plus, some say it felt more dangerous driving Friday morning then it did Thursday.

“I saw a car actually slide off right in front of me. It happened because a semi wouldn’t give it enough room,” Dominique Graves said.

While KDOT worked tirelessly plowing highways Thursday, Friday its crews had to tackle the aftermath of all the snow, the slush.

“The first thing our crews went out very early this morning at about 3 a.m. The first thing they did was put down additional salt, and in some areas magnesium chloride,” Delaney Tholen, with KDOT, said.

KDOT said it has had crews out deploying salt since there’s concern with the moisture on the highways refreezing overnight

“The salt should help some of the refreeze element and guys are also on standby. And so if need be, they’ll come in and do the same thing overnight, as well,” Tholen said.

And while the roads may look good now, KDOT has this warning for drivers.

“We do ask that drivers be mindful that even though the sun is out and snow may be melting that the roadway is not returned to average conditions, and that they continue to check road conditions before they go,” Tholen said.