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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While Kansas City snowplows have spent all day clearing the city’s main streets, some side streets are still blanketed with snow.

“Euclid over there, that one is treacherous,” said Hanif Azim. “I’ve seen people slide all the way down that hill and go almost into Emanuel Cleaver.”

On snow days like this, it can be pretty nerve wracking– living on the top of some of Kansas City’s slickest hills.

In the last 24-hours, some streets have seen everything, from rain, sleet and snow, but some continue to wait on a snowplow.

“Usually, I feel like they are pretty good about plowing down our street,” said Hype Park homeowner, Laura Hughes Zahner. “Typically, we see them in here, even though it doesn’t look like they’ve been here yet today.”

FOX4 crews drove around the city Thursday afternoon and noticed many side streets were already cleared, including Brookside.

“Came by about 15 minutes ago, about late afternoon when they got here, then when it did, cleaned it off real nice,” said Allen Rostron. “I don’t know what the routes are and stuff and where they go first and later and stuff, but at least they got it cleaned off, so I’m happy.”

The city of Kansas City announced a new and more aggressive approach to snow removal on residential streets with overnight shifts and curb to curb snow removal.

Three-hundreds snow removal vehicles are scheduled to be out 24-hours a day until the streets are fully cleared.

Some people say, even with the city giving them extra attention, it’s still challenging.

“It’s usually at least a day before they get to my street,” Azim said. “I’m hoping people know not to come down this street {Euclid.} As long as they are getting Woodland done, for the most part, we can kind of manage.”

Crews are asking people at home to be patient as they make their routes.

If you have a complaint following the winter weather, you are encouraged to call 311.

You can also check snowplow updates here.