Soaring temperatures pose problems for workers outdoors

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The metro area is feeling the heat. This kind of heat is normal in July and August, but Bill Lamore of J&B Asphalt Paving said he wasn’t ready to sweat this early.

"It's super hot and unexpectedly hot. Normal temperatures are in the 80s this time of year so this is a little unexpected," Lamore said.

Working in the steady rays makes the job much more challenging. The game plan is to start early and end at high noon, otherwise Lamore said the temperatures become unbearable.

"When you’re working with straight asphalt, it’s usually like on a day like today about 300 degrees, the material alone," he said.

His advice to stay cool is standing under shade and drinking plenty of water.

That’s what these kids are doing at the sprayground. Their full-time summer job is to have fun.

"It feels good to be in the water. Out here it’s real hot," said Preston Wilburn, who came with his family.

Soon he shared the splashpad with kids from the nearby school. But not everyone has the luxury of getting the time to play in the water.

"You’ve got plenty of Gatorade, water, if you get overheated step in the shade. That’s about all you can do," Lamore said.

Working in this heat is tough, but if you’re aware of your body, Lamore said you can pull through.

Check out this list of spraygrounds around the metro area.



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