KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been two years since 31-year-old Malcolm Johnson was shot and killed by Kansas City Police officers while buying a lottery ticket at a gas station on Prospect.

The social justice group “It’s Time 4 Justice” said it’s been too long since Johnson’s family has gone without justice, or answers.

Mitchell Sudduth with the group says there’s been little to no information about the truth surrounding Johnson’s death and the Kansas City Police offers involvement in the shooting.

“We have evidence that shows the things that happened, the question is why is the investigation still going on,” Sudduth said. “We now know it doesn’t take two years for an investigation with the Tyree Nichols case, this was solved in 21 days.”

The Jackson County prosecutor assigned a special prosecutor in St. Louis County to this case.

Sudduth says Johnson’s family wants to know why that is and why no officers have been charged.

“We need answers at the end of the day and today we’re calling on the Department of Justice to come in and intervene, shed some light on what’s going on for us,” Sudduth said.

According to KCPD, any officer that was involved that was placed on a routine administrative leave has returned to full duty.

The St. Louis County special prosecutor said they have news on the case that will be released soon, but did not provide a date for when an announcement will be made.