Social media clues lead to return of Kansas City man’s beloved motorcycle

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. –Just a few days ago, Chip Anderson thought he`d never see his motorcycle again, but thanks to social media and some good Samaritans, he not only got his bike back, but it`s in even better shape than it was before.

“I walked out, turned the corner, and it was gone… it was just a total punch in the gut,” said Anderson.

Anderson walked out of his Kansas City apartment around 9 on Monday morning to pick up the new parts for his white 2015 Royal Enfield continental GT, only to discover it was gone.

He called police immediately, but also decided to post about it on the social media site — Stolen KC.

That’s where Ramiro Hernandez saw a few posts about stolen items, right before they showed up outside the motel he manages in North Kansas City.

“I went outside and talked to the guy, and I saw the motorcycle in the back of the truck, and he asked me if I wanted to buy it, I could make him any offer for it,” Hernandez said.

He recognized the stolen truck from social media, but didn’t know the motorcycle was also stolen.

“I asked him if he had the title, and he said forget about it, and he took off. So it looked kind of suspicious, so I came back and looked on Stolen KC right away, and there was a bike on there,” added Hernandez.

Hernandez called Chip Anderson immediately, just two hours after the bike went missing.

“He`d seen that a truck had gotten stolen, and this guy was in those pictures, he`s like it looks like the same guy,” Anderson added, “He started naming off all the markers that would say it`s my bike.”

Then Hernandez provided surveillance video and pictures of Anderson’s bike and the man trying to sell it.

“I got the call from the Ramiro before the police actually came out to get the report,” said Anderson.

But Hernandez wasn`t the only person the thief tried to sell the bike to.

Anderson said he got calls from a few other people who saw his bike on social media and said someone asked them if they wanted to buy it.

On July 4th around 1 p.m. Cameron, Missouri police called Anderson. They had his bike after someone had turned it in.

“I feel bad for them, and just seeing their happiness after getting their stuff back, it`s bad enough,” said Hernandez, “If I had the opportunity, I`d help them again.”

Anderson said he`s so thankful for everyone who helped him get his motorcycle back, and he said he hopes the thief is caught, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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