Social media, determination lead man on path to recover stolen truck

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City man determined to find his stolen pick-up truck used social media to track it down, and eventually found it at a different crime scene.

Devin Day said someone stole his 2014 F-150 right out of his driveway in the early morning hours Sunday. He drove around town for hours looking for it, and soon turned to Stolen KC’s Facebook page to ask strangers for help.

“Social media is the best key to finding something,” Day said. “Everybody cannot stand a thief.”

He posted a picture of his truck to the page, and soon it had dozens of shares. On Tuesday, someone posted they saw it on 24 Highway near Independence.

Day hit the road, searching up and down the highway for clues, before stumbling upon a crime scene where he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“It was parked in the driveway and police didn’t even know it was stolen,” Day said of spotting his truck. “They were there for something else. So you just get lucky.”

As police continued to investigate an unrelated crime, officers confirmed Day’s ownership of the truck.

“Thank God!” Day said. “God is good, honestly, that`s the first thought that went through my mind is, there it is!”

But in the back of his truck were some things that didn’t belong to him, including several stolen AC units that police let Day unload and leave at the scene.

“They were using my hard-earned money to make money for themselves, and that`s not right,” Day said of the stolen property.

Day said police have yet to arrest anyone for stealing his truck. As for the condition of the vehicle, its windshield was cracked and it was covered in mud.

“There was mud caked in the floor,” he said. “There was mud in the seat. There was candy trash in here and there was a bunch of syringes in all three panels of the door.”

Day said he was upset, but relieved to get his truck back – in the ultimate case of right time, right place.

“Bad things happen to good people,” he said, “but karma works out apparently.”

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