Social Media Trumps Paycheck with Gen-Xers

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Money makes the world go ‘round, right? Not so fast.

A recent survey of 2,800 college students and young professionals discovered that many of them would turn down a big, fat paycheck if social media was prohibited in the workplace.

In fact, 56 percent said they would reject a job that bans Facebook and other social sites. And a growing number of college grads are asking companies about their social media policies during interviews.

But there’s good new for Gen Xers. The survey conducted by Cisco Systems also found an increasing number of companies are getting on board the social media band wagon. Forty-one percent of those in the workforce said their companies convinced them to take the job by offering them friendly social media policies. Thirty-one percent said being savvy with social media actually helped them land a job.

According to Cisco Systems, more and more companies are relating social media know-how with success. Social tools are becoming work tools. Facebook could altogether rid the world of email and companies that continue to stick with a more traditional Internet policy could be left behind.



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