Some fans go a cut above in support of the Royals

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Royals are all the rage right now. Support goes beyond just wearing blue with some people trying to look more like their favorite players.

At Jose’s Barber Shop, the slogan is: “You walk out looking like a movie star.”

Lately, some walk out looking a little royal.

“We party like it’s 1985. That’s what we’re hoping,” said Jose Montanez, the owner.

Royals player Jarrod Dyson sported a do with the word ‘zoom’ and a lightning bolt, which is what many people are asking for.

Sporting Kansas City player CJ Sapong even got the royal treatment.

“We’ve got something good going on in the air for Kansas City,” he said.

The Dyson isn’t the only popular cut. Eric Hosmer’s style comes in a close second. Hoz’s facial hair is also a look to be acquired.

And when asked what Hosmer feels about his now famous and in-demand hair cut, he said anything to keep the good luck going is a good thing.

That style is nostalgic for Montanez. He hopes to continue spreading a little Royal Fever one hair cut at a time.



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