KANSAS CITY, Kan. — From school closures to hospital shortages, the omicron variant is wreaking havoc on the Kansas City metro.

On the other side of the country, in places like Boston and New York, cases are decreasing. That’s not the story, however, for Kansas and Missouri.

Organizations like Global Care force, which sends volunteer nurses out to areas in need, said even they are affected by the surge.

“For us, it is has really put a strain on how we help these under sourced communities,” Brenda Poor said.

Is there an end to the madness? Dr. Gary Morsch with Docs Who Care in Olathe said not for now.

“Probably for the next two to four weeks it’s gonna be pretty rough here,” Morsch said.

He said it’s not just cases that are falling behind.

“We know hospitalizations lag quite a bit, and the death rate lags after that,” He said. “It is unprecedented no doubt, and this is probably not the last of the coronaviruses that come our way.”

Morsch said for those who are simply awaiting what’s next, there’s hope. For example, we now know more about the virus itself.

“It’s respiratory, its not on surfaces, we aren’t wiping down our Amazon boxes to our houses like we were before,” he said.

He said we also know how we can do our part to help curb the spread.

“What can we do about it, of course try to get vaccinated,” Morsch said. “It’s going crazy here. We just have to ride through this and do the best we can.”