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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As temperatures rise a bit after a winter blast, some people are still dealing with the aftereffect of this weekend’s first snowfall.

And for some companies, it means more business and profits.

Mechanics at Kevin’s KC Brake and Auto Shop said they’ve been busy after snow and bitter cold hit the Kansas City area over the weekend.

“Lots of batteries, people realizing their tires are, in fact, in need of replacement,” owner Kevin Elder said. “So yeah, there’s a lot of things that showed up with the cold weather.”

Elder said it all started with an increase in business before the weekend storm.

“Lots of preventative maintenance, lots of oil changes and air filters, tire pressuring, tires, brakes and things like that,” Elder said.

On Monday, some people were making up for not being proactive.

From auto repair to home repair, the first taste of a winter storm left a lasting impression for some homeowners.

“We have emergency services 24/7,” said Jeff Bellis, owner of Affordable Comfort KC. “We try to make sure nobody sleeps in the cold.”

Bellis said his HVAC company has helped more than 20 people since early Saturday morning.

“Most of the calls we’ve been getting this last three days has been people without heat, and most of the cause of them not having heat is just general lack of maintenance,” Bellis said.

But the demand didn’t come as a surprise to him either.

Both Elder and Bellis are urging people to be proactive to prevent these problems from happening next time. After all, another snow system is likely to impact the Kansas City area Wednesday night into Thursday morning, bringing more bitterly cold air with it.