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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some Kansas City residents are speaking up: They don’t want short-term rentals in their neighborhoods any longer.

If you drive in the West Plaza area, yard signs have been popping up.

Amrita Burdick has called the West Plaza area home for nearly 40 years. It was a quiet place until more and more short-term rentals started coming to her neighborhood.

She said the rentals sometimes bring parties to her block.

“Which caused parking problems all up and down the street,” Burdick said. “We already have several rental properties … I had my car vandalized for the first time that I’ve been here in 40 years.”

Burdick has taken her complaints to the city, especially when one of the rentals was operating without a permit.

She also takes issue with the fact some of the operators don’t even live in the neighborhood or in the state.

“I really think we should go to having only owner-occupied Airbnb’s because the people that live in a house are directly affected by any noise of the place, and they will really take care of it so that they don’t have that problem,” Burdick said.

Airbnb realizes there are some bad renters and wants to combat those party houses.

It announced new anti-party technology that will help them identify users taking advantage of the platform and stop their reservation.

”So certain factors that could go into a reservation that we might, you know, take a really hard look at in terms of potentially blocking that reservation is, are you a brand new user who signed up yesterday? Or have you been using the platform for years and you have dozens of positive reviews?” said Ben Breit, Airbnb’s director of trust communications.

It’s encouraging homeowners who have issues with rentals to report it to the platform.

“If there are any concerns about a particular property, we do operate a 24/7 neighborhood hotline. It is accessible at,” Breit said. “So if a neighbor prefers to write into us about a particular property and whatever they want to bring to our attention, they can do that. If they want to call in, they’ll be talking to a trained neighborhood support agent very, very quickly.”

FOX4 told Burdick about Airbnb’s newest measures, but she’s doubtful it will prevent parties from popping up. She also doesn’t believe it will stop operators from using a different platform to rent.

“There are several places they can advertise though. I don’t know how much good that would do,” Burdick said.