Some living along Kansas City’s streetcar route mistakenly receive special property assessment

Picture of the Kansas City Streetcar

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s Downtown Transportation Development District, or TDD, said dozens of people may have mistakenly received special property assessments.

The letters were intended to be sent to property owners who live within five blocks of Main Street from the Missouri River south to 53rd Street, and between State Line Road and Campbell Street. But, David Johnson, who is on the Downtown Transportation Development District board, posted on Twitter that some people living outside that area may have erroneously received the assessments.

There is a picture of what the letter looks like below.

The letter is not a bill. If you live in the TDD, the special assessment will be on your property tax bill issued by Jackson County later this year.

The TDD is looking into the issue to determine why people living outside the area received the assessment.

The Downtown KC Streetcar is funded by the Downtown Transportation Development District through sales tax, property assessments, and parking lot assessments. Voters approved the special development district in 2017. It’s in effect until 2045.

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