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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the infants got sick after consuming the formula. 

BELTON, Mo. — On Feb. 17, the Abbott Nutrition company recalled several formulas under its Similac Brand.

The Food and Drug Administration announced it is investigating complaints of four babies in three states who got sick after consuming the infant formula. All the babies needed treatment at the hospital for their sickness, and the FDA says Cronobacter bacteria may have lead to the death of one baby.

The recall has resulted in empty shelves, hungry babies and anxious parents waiting for a solution after their baby’s formula is no longer an option.

Emily Morgan is a mother of three who stocked up on Similac in the recent snowstorm. Now, she has a box full of recalled milk she has already used to nourish her children.

“I typed in the number and they I was like, OK this is recalled. And then the others are recalled as well,” she said.

Morgan now has switched her 10-month-old baby to half Enfamil brand formula and half whole milk. She said she had no other choice.

“It’s kind of like how long have we been potentially putting our children at risk?” she said.

Leaders at hospitals like University Health and Children’s Mercy say while they have had no admissions of sick babies due to the recalls, they have fielded many calls of parents panicked about what to do next, like Francesca Mandacina-Castillo. She said her 9-month-old is on a brand of Similac that was not recalled, and at first she felt lucky.

But now she can’t find any Similac — anywhere. She has one can left.

“It’s very scary because if I’m not able to provide for her, what do I do?” she said.

FOX4 reached out to several stores including Target, HyVee and Walgreens. All stores said recalled milk could be returned for a full refund.

But even with the money back into their pockets, parents are still left in the dark on how to feed their babies. And for now, the answers remain unclear.

“It’s unfair,” Mandacina-Castillo said. “Were scared, and I’m praying for us all.”

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