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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Even though a decision on a mask mandate has been, made there’s still some tension behind it.

“I’m keeping this on,” Ed Humes, who lives in Kansas City, said. “I advise you to keep it on, because it’s real.”

Wearing a mask is personal for some people.

“My thing is I had a brother die from the virus back in September and then I had another brother pass in October right behind him,” Humes said.

Humes said he has no problem wearing a mask and will continue wearing it during the mandates.

Starting Monday people five and older will have to wear a mask inside of public places in Kansas City, Missouri and North Kansas City, Missouri regardless of their vaccination status.

Some people blame the mandates on their unvaccinated neighbors.

“I don’t like it,” Reg Bracy of Gladstone said. “Especially for people that’s been vaccinated. I don’t think we should have to wear the mask, but people that didn’t get vaccinated, that’s why we have to do it.”

“Absolute agreement with masks mandates both indoors and outdoors actually,” Penelope Cox of Kansas City said.

Cox also thinks vaccinations should be mandated as well, so we won’t have to wear masks.

Others feel like they aren’t effective.

“It seems like the vaccine doesn’t work,” Michael Harrington, Kansas City, said. “It was such a big deal. Be a hero, roll up your sleeves and get the vaccine. Now people got the vaccine and they’re still super spreaders.”

Officials said the mandates are returning because the Delta variant of COVID-19 is spreading rapidly.

They’re still pushing for full vaccinations.

“You get sick, you die, you done,” Humes said. “You wear the mask, you survive, you live to see another day.”

Both mandates end on Saturday, Aug. 28.